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The Electric Scooter for Adults Is the Future Solution for Urban Transportation

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If you are looking for a safe and comfortable ride overcoming the parking lot problems or the traffic jams then here is one vehicle that best suits your needs, the electric scooter for adults. Yes, the electric scooter is the future of the personal mobile offering best urban solutions for traveling on the city roads. This light weight and compact scooter electric that runs on battery charge is not only best for the environment but also offer a fun and cool moving solution around the city. This smart electric scooter is designed for adults for everyday urban usage to cover short distances in the city either to move for work or any other place without any problem. All you need is to just plug in the vehicle for charge and move at your will around the city being eco-friendly and doing your part to the environment. This scooter electric is also very economical as it comes in the best price offering you a comfortable and safe ride with zero emissions and silent motor with each recharge of the battery lasting almost for 35 km.
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You can find two models in the electric scooter for adults being offered in UAE like the S3 and S5 with slight variations in the design and model of the scooters. The electric scooters are compact in model which can be easily folded when not necessary and can be stored in the gym locker, car or any other place without any hassles. The electric scooter comes with high performance full suspension offering a top speed of 32km/hr and also an energy efficiency of 2,000 MPGe per 800 km. The scooter just weighs not more than 14 kgs but is built very sturdy using aircraft aluminium chassis with stylish look and performance that would surely outdo any other scooter on the roads. It also comes with the best safety features like rear wheel drive and brake system to offer exceptional stability for the vehicle. The electric scooter can hold maximum load of 113 kg that comes with a motor output of 700W and also includes other smart features like LED back lit dashboard, smart 3 step brake system, self- start and also all-purpose gadget mount that can hold your camera, phone, Go-Pro and other accessories intact.
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You can also go for a test drive and the UAE dealers for the scooter electric offer excellent after service for you to enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride on your vehicle anytime and anywhere.
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